December 6, 2012 7PM
DNA Lounge, San Francisco

Frequently Asked Questions

New to Ümloud!? Want to know what's different this year? Here's an overview of what the Ümloud! Band packages and performances are all about!

Make sure you read the Ümloud! Band Terms of Service for the specific rules and regulations on band packages!


Is this a competition?

Ümloud! focuses on performance, not on score.

Your goal is to perform a song for your audience. We give you the platform to create a rock performance on a real stage.

What version of Rock Band will you be using?

Rock Band 3.

What songs will be available for play?

If it's playable inside Rock Band 3, it's playable at Ümloud!.

Harmonix Music Systems, creator of Rock Band 3, will be at Ümloud! with consoles that contain every song playable within the game. Imagine that you purchased every downloadable and Rock Band Network song, then imported songs from Green Day Rock Band, Lego Rock Band, and all the track packs. That's what's available at Ümloud!

Purchase & Registration

Who can be in a band?

Anyone who is at least 18 years of age on or before Thursday, December 6, 2012 and agrees to the Ümloud! Band Terms of Service can be in a band.

Who's a "Band Captain"?

The Band Captain is the individual who purchases the band package. This individual will be our lead contact, and the person who picks the members of the band. While everyone will be on the band's contact list, Ümloud! needs one person who will tell us the band’s final decisions about the package details, including but not limited to song choice, band name, and band members.

Note that the Band Captain, if they so choose, does not need to be a member of the band. If the Band Captain is performing and attending, they must add themselves to the band list.

How do I add band members to my band? Can I change this later?

As Band Captain, you will be able to add your band members by using the website. You will need an e-mail address for each band member. Follow the instructions in the band management page and your members will receive an e-mail with further instructions.

The Band Captain can change the band roster before the event.

I've been invited to be in a band. What do I need to do?

The Band Captain will need your e-mail address, which they will use to add you to the band. From there, you'll get an e-mail from the Ümloud! Bot with your band invitation and code. Using this information, you will sign into with the invite code to confirm your addition into the band.

How do I reserve a song? Can I change it later?

The Band Captain picks the song the band will perform. This song can be changed at any time. However, if you change your song and another band chooses your original selection, you won’t be able to switch back.

Songs are first-come, first-serve. No band will be allowed to play a song that has already been played on the main stage. The Headliner Band will have first picks of songs. Ultimate Bands will be able to pick their songs as soon as they reserve a slot.

If I'm in a band, do I need to pay the door charge?

No -- admission to Ümloud! for all band members and is included in the cost of your band package. Your name will be on our VIP list at the door. Have your ID ready.

Can I be in more than one band?

People love performing at Ümloud!, you can be in up to two (2) bands. We want to ensure room for everyone so you can focus on your own performance and enjoy the rest of the show! Please use one account for all your band memberships.

The Performance

What should my band expect? What should we plan for?

This is your night to put on a rock show! A successful performance is one that convinces the audience you're not playing with plastic instruments, but performing a rock concert.

How you do that is up to you! Videos of past performances on YouTube might give you some direction, but make this your own performance! If you want to make costumes, go for it! Dance routine? Go for it!

That said, you do have to tell us what you plan on doing for the show. The rule of thumb is, don't catch the Ümloud! staff off-guard with your actions. The staff at Ümloud! want to help you in any way we can, so !

Will the performance be streamed over the Internet?

Yes! Ümloud! 2012 will be streamed live with a full camera crew! will feature this feed on the website on the night of the event. Tell your out-of-town friends you'll be performing and tell them to come to this website to see it! Can I be in more than one band?

Will there be a dressing room?

There is no dressing room or green room. DNA Lounge does have spacious restrooms, but please be considerate of our other guests.

What time will my band perform?

Bands will play from 8 p.m. until the close of the show after midnight. The night’s set list will be determined by the Ümloud! staff, and given to band members prior to the day of the event. We will work with you to nail down an approximate performance time of your choosing! But given the nature of the event, these can only be an approximation.

How will you let us know when it’s our turn to go?

Video displays at the venue will show a constantly-updated list of bands set to perform. The performance list will be available online and accessible though any mobile device with a web browser.

We may contact you via text message if you provide your mobile phone number to Ümloud!


Will the keyboard be available to play?


What about the new Pro Guitar?

If you are interested in using Rock Band PRO Guitars, please for arrangements.

Will the drums have the Pro kit add-on?

Yes. The drum kit will have all three cymbals. (Don't worry if you're not used to the new cymbals. You don't need to use them if you're on an easier difficulty level.)

What about harmonies?

Yes. You will be using the house microphones to sing. Each of these microphones will be connected directly to the house sound system and into the console. Even if your song does not have harmony parts, the other two microphones will be live!

Gameplay Settings

Will No-Fail Mode be turned on?


What difficulty Level Should I use?

Pick the level you are comfortable playing in front of a large audience. Remember that this is not a competition and that people will be paying attention to the music, not your monitor.

Can I use my Rock Band 3 avatar in the game?

No. It would be a logistical nightmare to sign everyone’s profile in and out. Not to mention that you're actually the rock star on the actual stage! Better to dress as your Rock Band avatar .

Can I use my gamer profile in the game?

No. It would be a logistical nightmare to sign everyone’s profile in and out.

Vocal (Leads & Harmonies)

Do I need to memorize the lyrics to the song?

It would really help. You’ll be able to see the lyrics on the screen in front of you, but you’re a band frontman! You have to command the audience and keep them interested! Better to memorize your song and sing it to them.

What difficulty level should I practice on for vocals?

It doesn’t matter. In Rock Band 3’s “All Instruments” mode, which we will use, only the instruments are scored, not the vocals.

What kind of microphones will you be using? What's the microphone layout?

You'll be using real microphones, which are property of DNA Lounge.

These will be plugged directly into the house sound system at DNA Lounge. This allows the sound engineer more control, which will make you sound awesome! We then patch the vocals back into the console so that the game registers the input. However, we mute all vocals from the console's sound output, including the recorded vocal.

What about vocal settings?

You can choose whether or not you want the vocal track to play during your performance. The game will be set harmonies (where applicable).

Will the "Pitch Correction" feature be turned on?

No. Your voice is connected directly to the house sound system before it's processed in the console.

Can I play another instrument AND sing?

Yes! If you want to drum and sing, please contact us ahead of time so we can see about getting you a boom mike stand.

Guitars & Bass Guitars

What guitars will we use?

You will be using wireless Rock Band guitars. We’ll announce the specific models closer to the event.

Can I bring my own guitar?

No. Switching instruments complicates and delays the band performances. The exception is PRO guitars (see next question).

Can we use the new "Pro" guitars?

Yes. Please select the "Pro Guitar/Bass" for your band membership information, then to follow up.

Can I sing and play guitar for a song?

Yes! Lead or backup, you can sing while playing the guitar. We'll have three microphones on stage. Read the "Vocal" section of this page for more information.


What drum set will be available?

We will announce a specific drum model closer to the event, but it will be a fully-featured kit with cymbals.

I'm not used to working the new "Pro" cymbals. Do I need to use them?

Nope! You can stick to the regular pads when playing your song.

Can I select the "Pro" difficulty levels?



What keyboard will be available?

The standard Rock Band 3 Keyboard. We will have a stand for you to use. You can also use it as a keytar.

Can I select the "Pro" difficulty levels?

Absolutely! Again, pick the level you're comfortable with.

Last Updated: October 01, 2012