December 6, 2012 7PM
DNA Lounge, San Francisco
Ümloud! proudly presents:
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The Ümloud! 2012 Headliner who performed for Child's Play Charity

Band Members

Guitar OLGA
Bass Honest Tex
Drums Skippy Jenkins
Keytar Penny Sue
Mic Rita Con Queso
Backup_mic_1 Miss Chinatown
Backup_mic_2 Svetlana

About Forever Alone, Together

True love transcends time zones and border patrols. That’s the idea behind FOREVER ALONE, TOGETHER, the on-stage incarnation of a high-end international spouse-matching service (Somebody To Love, LLC). They’re searching the planet for their perfect counterparts, and turning heads the whole way. Let FOREVER ALONE, TOGETHER throw you a wink, sugar.


"Somebody to Love"
Jefferson Airplane
"Somebody To Love (RB3 version) "

Band Information

Performed @ Ümloud! on
Thursday, December 6, 2012