December 6, 2012 7PM
DNA Lounge, San Francisco

About Ümloud!

Ümloud! is an annual fundraiser held in San Francisco, California. It was founded in 2009 to produce an annual charity concert with proceeds benefiting Child's Play Charity The event has grown exponentially since 2009. So far, we have donated more $40,000 to Child’s Play: over $6,000 in 2009, $11,000 in 2010 and $26,500 in 2011. With your help, we hope to double that number again in 2012!

Founded in 2003 by Penny Arcade, Child’s Play has provided millions of dollars in donations of toys, games, books and cash for sick kids in over 70 children’s hospitals around the world. In 2012, Child’s Play founders announced that they are expanding their umbrella of support to include women’s shelters.

Ümloud is a non-profit, non-stock corporation in the State of California under the Revenue and Taxation Code (RTC) section 23701d and tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

"Ümloud!" name concept came from the fertile imagination of our friend, Rob Sable
Ümloud! logo by Karen Chu.

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Ümloud! logo

The Ümloud! Staff

The following people help to make Ümloud! possible. Spending countless hours, the non-paid staff help to make sure everyone had a great time at Ümloud! and to help children and their families around the world cope with their illness.

Umloud Board

Joe Markert
Chief Operating Officer
Joe is the Chief Gaming Officer at Gamehelper. Gamehelper (a Division of FunctionOne IT) has been providing global IT network infrastructure services and solutions, product consulting and content development for the video game industry, and beyond, since 2000.
John "Seg" Seggerson
President/Chief Executive Officer
Seg is a game developer formally at Telltale Games and blogs at Seg On Media.
'Uncle Ed' Seggerson
Chief Financial Officer
Ed is a retired automotive Executive Engineer who got sucked in by "Seg" to do the legal and financial stuff for Umloud! His most recent gaming experience was writing "Basic" game code on his tape-driven Tandy TRS-80 in the mid-1970's

Umloud Production Staff

Brian Haberer
Lead Developer
Brian is a developer within Disney Interactive / Playdom. He tweets and blogs very rarely. He also codes things, like Ümloud!, in his spare time.
Charles Van Dyke
Volunteer Coordinator
Charles does a little bit of this & that. He moved to the Bay Area three years ago from New York shortly after he heard about the first Ümloud.
Elisabeth Seng
Wordsmith and copywriter extraordinaire. Want a script? survey? blogpost? ad? web app? social media campaign? BOOM.
Krista 'Kihten' Hauser
Community Manager
Krista is a freelance community manager. Her background is in charities, small business / startups and underground community advocacy. She is the leader of successful grassroot campaigns such as #SaveChuck and #RetakeMassEffect
Lou Huang
Art Director
Lou is an urban designer and a 2013 Fellow at Code for America. He likes video games. Sometimes he even plays them, when he is not making stuff.
Sophie Hammett
Community Manager/Band Coordinator
Sophie wrangles bands and helps with community management for Ümloud! We think she's pretty amazing, you should hire her.

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